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"You inseparable" 

Sorry for roughness.


Hello! I finally opened up a paypal account, so I might as well open this!! Especially since I have so much free-time lmao. Also because the school season is coming for me, this will help me pay for tuition as well as other necessities such as food! Signal Boosts are very much welcome!!



  • SKETCH LINES ~$5/8 (Waist-Up/Full-Body)**
  • add Simple B&W Shading +$2
  • add Simple Colors +$5
  • add Background +$3**
  • add Additional Character +$5**


  • Starting at ~$20/35 (Waist-Up/Full-Body)**
  • req Color / B&W
  • add Background +$10**
  • add Additional Character +$10**

**Flat-Color Backgrounds / Gradients are free of charge.

**PRICES WILL BE DETERMINED BY THE SIMPLICITY/COMPLEXITY OF THE REQUEST However they will never be in excess of $15, or any lower than established prices.


  • bakabaka420 @ deviantArt
  • quna-kun @ tumblr
  • aphrsdraws @ gmail [PAYPAL EMAIL ALSO]

I will email you using the above email if I have accepted your request, however I require payment and will not start working until I receive it. I will email you the picture once it’s finished (I’ll try to finish within 1-3 days or at most a week!!! I’ll do my best!!!)

**The picture can be in print quality (300dpi) at request**

Please include as many references as possible & applicable to your request, and describe in full or to the best of your ability of what you would like. The more specific, the better.

For every non-sketch commission, I will send a sketch confirmation before starting anything else, so that adjustments can be made.

I am most comfortable drawing robots>humanoids>scenery in that order, and will not do NSFW//Gore work as of yet, however if you are unsure about something, please go ahead and ask! I will cooperate with you as long as you cooperate with me! However, I do have the right to refuse commissions. If you would like more examples of my work please see my art blog.



To celebrate the anniversary of the G1 cartoon and to celebrate the fact that I knit like a silly spider lady when stressed, I am giving away two hats!

This post is for the Decepticon hat! The Autobot giveaway is over here.

These hats are hand knitted with 100% acrylic yarn and a polyester felt applique. They’re pretty big and they’re like a hug on your head, and they’ve been knitted using the Capucine pattern!

It is important to note that these hats come from a cat, bird, and yeti friendly home!


  • Likes and reblogs both count.
  • You don’t have to be following me, but it would be nice if you did!
  • Mutuals will receive an extra, lovingly knitted gift.
  • No giveaway blogs, please.
  • Should you win, you must have your ask box open and you must be willing to give me a valid mailing address. How am I supposed to send you these head-hugs otherwise?
  • It is possible to win both hats, but only if you are actually randomly picked twice; once for each giveaway.

A winner will be randomly selected and notified via ask box or fan mail on Wednesday, October 8th.

Good luck!

robuttsmakebuzzyhappy sent: OKAY SO I WAS THINKING WHAT IF DRIFT HAD A SECRET CRAVING FOR SWEETS? LIKE HE JUST FUCKING HOARDS ENERGON CANDY LIKE NO TOMORROW. He even has a pile of wrappers and shiz that pile up under his berth.


image'drift no'





(Source: cheekyposelenets)

(Source: cheekyposelenets)

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Why you should never try to kill spiders with hair spray!

Vine by Daz_Black


Day 11: Ratchet.
This is definitely my favorite one so far. Also the most difficult because…robot hands….


Day 11: Ratchet.

This is definitely my favorite one so far. Also the most difficult because…robot hands….


Francis is another short horror film about a daring 17 year old girl, who finds herself alone in the middle of a lake. Trouble starts to brew. We find ourselves with more questions than answers at the end. (Watch it here) (Masterpost of creepy short films)